CombatiX FAQ


What is CombatiX™?

CombatiX™ is unlike any other combatives system out there! CombatiX™ is not simply Martial Arts. Instead, it is a highly specialized self-protection system developed extensively over decades of practical combative experience. We have evaluated and refined the techniques taught it many special forces and law enforcement programs to create an easy-to-learn and highly effective system of defensive tactics.

We have incorporated extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology into CombatiX™. Most existing programs are based on Martial Arts systems which incorporate a block/punch/kick mentality to fighting. In those systems, brute force is favored. Unfortunately, this means that one has to have superior strength and size to be effective. With CombatiX™, training is focused on attacking the weaknesses of the human body.

For those who need or want to incorporate weapons, there is no need to learn a different system with highly specialized stances and techniques. With CombatiX™, all weapons training is integral to our body positioning and techniques. Our universal platform allows anyone, including an operator, to deploy any weapon from the same position as their hand-to-hand CQB system! With the universal platform, you will easily transition to handgun, carbine, shotgun, knife, or baton without learning a new system or worrying about remembering a different set of movements.

In addition to the techniques, CombatiX™ combines modern scientific research in motor movement with psychological data to create the most modern system of combatives available. Body Alarm Reaction and its motor, psychological, perceptual, and cardiologic ramifications are at the core of the entire system.

Methods to cover the Reactionary Gap safely and stop any attack without having to worry so much about being hit are at the heart of the system. Once through this dangerous phase, almost any technique can be used, allowing our system to integrate well with existing training regimens. No need to learn complicated blocks and hoping for that elusive perfect timing! Most training systems breakdown under pressure and are likely to get someone hurt or killed! With CombatiX™, you will learn one method of dealing with virtually any attack. Each repetition, builds motor memory even while practicing weapons techniques.

Is CombatiX™ for Military and Law Enforcement only?

No! While, we have customized programs designed for military and law enforcement applications, we also have an extensive training system for average civilians. This system is a short and concentrated course which gets right to the point of what you need to know to survive on the street. Much of the information we teach was once only the domain of law enforcement and military training. Now, we are able to share this with the public.

What is CombatiX™ Core?

CombatiX™ Core is the branch of CombatiX™ geared toward the general public. It contains the core principles and techniques of CombatiX™.

Can I learn CombatiX™ from videos and books?

Basically, the answer is yes. Certainly live training allows you to have much more interaction with an instructor and build skill more quickly. Video training, however offers you the advantage of being able to repeat it as many times as necessary to learn the skills. So, in short, there are advantages to both.

Once you take a live training session, you will be entitled to huge discounts to our materials so you don’t have to choose between live and distant training.

What is live CombatiX™ training like?

For the general public, our CombatiX™ training is generally done in either a four or eight hour program by a certified CombatiX™ instructor.

Training sessions are designed to be action packed while being fun and highly informative. Our instructors take great care to keep such training comfortable for the participants while offering the best skills available.
Our instructors go through intensive certification programs and must meet our high standards before being allowed to teach the system.

Handouts are provided for note-taking so that you are able to retain as much information as possible.

Since techniques are based on the universal platform, all participants will have the opportunity to acquire the necessary motor memory to be able to defend themselves in only one day. No need to spend years training to be able to defend yourself! With CombatiX™, you will develop the skills much faster!

What makes your Tactical CombatiX™ training different from existing Defensive Tactics programs?

Unfortunately, many DT instructors have limited budgets and training opportunities. Because of this, many programs are pieced together from various resources. This leads to confusion for officers and gaps in the training. Tactical CombatiX™ fills these gaps! With one universal deployment platform, an officer is building motor memory whether they are working hand-to-hand techniques, short or long gun, edged, or impact weapons.

If you have an existing system, you can easily overlay our principles of leverage, anatomical targeting, control tactics, cuffing and restraint, and more with your existing program. Tactical CombatiX™ is designed to integrate into the SOP and Force Continuum policies of your department.

Will CombatiX™ integrate with our Defensive Tactics program?

Yes, without a doubt! Since we utilize a universal platform to deploy all counter responses to a threat, you do not have to change your existing training. Instead, our system will overlay on top of what you are already doing.

Our extensive knowledge of anatomical targets will make your existing strikes many times more effective and neutralize the threat faster than ever. We have advanced knowledge of angles of activation for these targets which allow your existing strikes to deliver more felt power to an opponent, rendering them helpless to resist.

Our scientific research into the psychological impacts of Body Alarm Reaction will better prepare officers better for the reality of combat with aggressive perpetrators. Emotionally-charged training takes traditional, and often, sterile training to a new level, giving officers the best possible chances for survival.

What is involved in your weapons training?

Since CombatiX™ integrates with various weapons, we offer training with handgun, long guns such as Carbine or Shotgun, edged weapons such as knives, and impact weapons (batons). The emphasis of our training is primarily to allow you to integrate the CombatiX™ principles into what you already have. You don’t have to start all over and learn something new to replace what you already have. Instead, this augments your existing knowledge-base.

Our programs supplement your skills by teaching weapon retention, deployment, and tactics. Training is dynamic and mimics real-life situations. These are not simple sterile techniques!
Knowing where to target your weapons will ensure that you are able to defeat any adversary.

What is your CombatiX™ Elite program?

Because the demands of elite units within the military are unique compared to the average citizen, and even law enforcement, we developed a specialized program known as CombatiX™ Elite. Due to the highly effective and dangerous components of CombatiX™ Elite, we cannot offer this training to the general public.

In CombatiX™ Elite, many of the techniques are designed to neutralize an adversary very quickly and permanently! For those situations where a more judicious use of force is required, effective joint manipulation and control tactics are designed to subdue and take a prisoner with minimal risk to the operator.

This program is also available for security contractors who may need these skills to survive violent encounters.

What is CombatiX™ Fitness?

CombatiX™ Fitness is a unique cardiovascular and strength training system based upon the base CombatiX™ system. With CombatiX™ Fitness, you will develop practical combatives skills while getting into shape!

While some aerobic systems involve complex routines requiring a high degree of coordination and timing, CombatiX™ Fitness is designed to be simple but effective. Instead of complicated movements that you would never use in a fight, you will learn highly effective movements that you can use to defend yourself while burning fat!

In addition to an effective fitness program, we will provide you with a nutrition program to ensure you are healthy in addition to being stronger and faster. Too many people work out without eating right. With CombatiX™ Fitness, you will learn to do both!

Do you offer custom training programs?

Absolutely! Contact us and we will be more than happy to setup a training program to meet your needs. We do not expect that any one program is a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we will gladly build a training program to meet your budget, time restraints, and special needs.