We felt it was time that the civilian sector had access to military-grade training. It is a crazy world out there and you need to know that you have the tools to survive real violence.

Do you carry a firearm? Great! But, do you know how to protect yourself if you aren’t armed or are unable to gain access to the weapon in time? From our experience, it is extremely difficult to transition to a hand gun at close range as quickly as necessary and thus you could be putting your life and the lives of those you love at risk unless you have proper training.

Carry a tactical knife? Again, that is great if you do. Unfortunately, few people are able to get to it quickly enough to make a difference. Or, they aren’t training in its proper use. We see the same problem with many who routinely carry a firearm. And what about those days you forget to carry or are in a place where weapons are not permitted? Then, your empty-hand skills are critical!

Now don’t get us wrong. We love firearms and knives. And we teach people how to use them properly! Our training is top notch! But, we also train them how to use their entire bodies as weapons as well!

Most guys think they are born knowing how to fight, but the reality is few really do. It is unfortunate that their arrogance could cause them to lose their lives!

Many females grow up thinking they aren’t strong enough, sadly. It is sad because real personal defense is not about being strong or knowing how to fight. It is about knowing how to take the human body apart by attacking its weakest structures and inflicting the most damage possible.

This is what we do. We teach good, honest people how to stay safe and how to survive violent attacks. How do we know our methods work? We test them! We do exhaustive research of actual encounters and study violence in great detail. We know many of the cues that thugs give off before they attack. We know what techniques will stop them and which targets will bring them to their knees. We also know what doesn’t work and trust me, most of what is commonly taught as self-defense is non-sense. You can’t afford to not know what works in advance. When your life is on the line is not the time to test your “system.”

CombatiX™ is simple and devastatingly effective! Once you learn it, you will never forget it!

Check out our products and see how we are making the world a safer place one individual at a time!