Our Training Methods

Our prime directive is ensuring the safety of our students throughout the world. We believe this involves teaching the full spectrum of defense from avoidance through lethal action and everything in between!

To this end, we teach principles such as pre-attack indicators to help one detect the threat of violence, situational awareness for threat detection, and more. Moreover, we advocate verbal de-escalation techniques to try to escape without fighting.

If violence is unavoidable, CombatiX™ encompasses the full spectrum from hand-to-hand training to weapons such as knife, impact weapons, and firearms.

Our training is top-notch because we don’t teach anything that hasn’t been fully tested! So many instructors are teaching techniques that have never been shaped in the crucible of combat. We have seen a lot of non-sense such as complicated knife, gun, and stick disarms that would get almost everyone killed if they ever attempted them against a committed attacker. This is completely unacceptable and it is time instructors be help responsible for teaching such garbage! This is something we feel incredibly strongly about!

Training Aids We Recommend

In our research and development (R&D), we put every single principle and technique through exhaustive testing. For firearms training, we have used specialized Airsoft weapons that shoot at over 300 feet per second to test commonly-taught disarm techniques we have seen and been taught. The result? Rounds to the head with each and every one of them! And let me tell you, it hurt!!! That is part of the price we pay to make sure what we teach works!

When it comes to knife techniques, we put them to the test. Most knife defenses begin with unrealisticly-simple lunges. After studying hundreds of actual knife encounters, we learned that the real thing never happens that way! By re-creating actual stabbings, we quickly realized what is commonly taught for knife defense is nonsense! To make training even more realistic, we use the Shocknife®. By delivering as much as 7,500 volts with a growl, it stimulates real fear and thus triggers Body Alarm Reaction! This is as close as it gets to realistic training under stress! This lead to the formulation of simple, but highly-effective defense tactics.

For our empty-hand training, we again analyzed hundreds of real fights and simulated them in our training. To make it safe to practice at such intensity, we used the High Gear® suits. These are fantastic for doing scenario-based training! You can even practice cuffing techniques and restraints with them on! We highly recommend them!

Our Competition

In our mind, we have no competition. This is not ego; rather, anyone teaching solid defense techniques are treated as friends and “brothers.” We are not out there to bad-mouth anyone who is doing all they can to make people safer. Why would we want to attack one another? We just don’t get that! Instead, we encourage our students to learn from as many people as they can. We hope that our “competitors” will treat us with the same respect. We understand that no one knows everything, although we do try to know as much as we can.