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Introduction to Firearms

with Experienced Firearms Trainers

Training Content

Experience Level: Beginner and Up
Classroom Time:
4 hours
Range Time: None
Weapon Requirements: None
Ammo Requirements: None
Other Equipment Needed: None
Minimum Age: 13+

Are you new to firearms?  Or, looking to learn more about guns?  Wanting to learn about laws related to purchasing, transporting, or carrying firearms?  Maybe you want your family to become more familiar with firearms.  Then, this course is perfect for you!

This course provides a familiarization to firearms.  It is a perfect fit for anyone who is not entirely aware of how firearms work, how to purchase a firearm, how to handle a firearm safely, the laws surrounding firearms, and how to shoot safely.  No experience is necessary.  Our instructors will start from the beginning.

Please note, this is NOT a shooting course.  It is informational in nature only.

The course presents a number of topics as listed below:

  • Firearms Safety & Handling
  • How to choose a firearm, ammo, and equipment
  • Components of a Firearm
  • Types of handguns, rifles, and shotguns
  • Laws related to firearm purchases, transportation, and possession
  • The truth about Gun Control
  • Introducing firearms to children
  • Firearm storage
  • How to clean a firearm
  • Range equipment
  • Safe shooting practices
  • Laws pertaining to carrying a firearm in Tennessee